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Welcome to Salt & Shine, we are Maine's newest boutique vacation home rental agency!  We would like to partner with you and show you how our keen eye for detail and guest services can elevate the experience of putting a Property Listing and Property Management agency to work for you. 

Salt & Shine is a Boutique Agency.  We are able to pay close attention to details to ensure both guests and homeowners like you, are well taken care of and want to repeat the experience year after year.  With our Boutique philosophy, we take a highly customized approach every step of the way.  Our mission is to partner with homeowners who take pride in their properties.  Homeowners who get satisfaction from selling a quality vacation to travelers.  Our company also offers four season service, including long term winter rentals.  We want our partnership to be worry free. Let us take care of everything

We are earnest in our quest for guest satisfaction.  From the customized approach to marketing your property, to listing details, professional photos, to satisfying vacationers- we believe in the personal touch.

- Each guest is personally welcomed at the property.  This gives us the opportunity to introduce them through the home, showing them the ins and outs and all other important information related to your property.

- We create customized made handbooks specific to your home.

- Concierge services.  After a long day of travel, our concierge service can provide grocery shopping, boat charters, dinner reservations, private chef services, etc.

- Salt & Shine also offers custom gifts for guests if homeowners would like to add that special touch to the guest experience to encourage repeat customer business.

- Our practice is to have the guests comfortable upon arrival with small snacks, toiletries and other complimentary items. 

- Salt & Shine is even here to help recommend the best place to get Maine lobster!

Our response time to resolve maintenance issues is our highest priority.  We will take care of it all for you: hiring the best local cleaners, locating the right lawn care service, and overseeing basic maintenance.  We are here for you!

At Salt & Shine, promoting the beautiful state of Maine through the Vacation Rental Agency is a passion for us.  It's a place we call home and the pure joy of helping others fall in love with our state and all that it offers is the Salt & Shine difference.

Thank you for your consideration of Salt & Shine Rental Properties & Management.  We hope to start a successful partnership with you.  Please take the first step in discovering for yourself the many advantages our boutique agency has to offer by contacting us today!

Salty Wishes & Happy Beaching, 

Salt & Shine

Let Salt & Shine Help You--

When you partner with Salt & Shine, we would like to make things easy for you. So easy, in fact, we have created our own Amazon store that through trial and error we have found the best quality towels & linens that our homeowners & guest love! 

It’s important to remember that sheets and towels get the most wear & tear of all items in a vacation home.  The reason to get plain white is that they always match and they can be laundered with bleach.  

We have also included some kitchen necessities that vacationers want included in their vacation home rental. Let's make sure you're fully stocked!

You won’t want to purchase the most expensive or for sure not the least expensive either.  Guest comfort and also durability are what we should strive for.  A good balance between price and quality. 

So, let's get shopping!

Towels & Sheets

Washable Bedding

Mattresses & Boxspring Encasements


Paper Goods/Trash Bags

Décor & Miscellaneous Items

Beach Accessories

Family Fun & Yard Games